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About Us

Started off as a partnership, Cubier soon grew to become a competitive design entity attracting customers from all over the Los Angeles County. Here at Cubier, we excel in residential architectural design and development. With job integrity being our highest priority, we thrive to earn our customers’ trust and satisfaction. On behalf of our talented and hardworking team of designers and artists, we are excited to play rather a small part in your project and hopefully make a difference.


Ranging from minor remodeling projects to multi-family residential buildings, Cubier brags to be one of the industry-leading companies here in LA. Our broad knowledge of building and zoning codes, enables us to challenge ourselves to the limits of the code, thus transforming the clients desired program into the best possible layout.


Through incorporation of BIM and utilizing industry-edge software such as Revit, Cubier is capable of producing precise and interactive construction documents which not only minimizes inconsistencies amongst the consultants, but enables the owner / contractor a smooth and rapid construction.

3D Visualization

Also referred to as Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) the term 3D Visualization or 3D Rendering, is basically production of graphical content using 3D software. The rapid enhancement of technology, has enabled various forms of CGI to help designers and creators develop and present their ideas in a more comprehensive manner. Being engaged in the 3D industry for almost 2 decades, our 3D artists, utilizing these computer-aided design tools, are capable of presenting concepts at the highest level.


A brief selection of Cubier’s work is listed below. Feel free to leave comments as we’d like to have your feedback.